About Laura Heales

I am a singer, composer, singing teacher and a singing for health and Wellbeing facilitator.

But that has not always been the case. I found my voice relatively recently and the journey of that discovery has been transformational. For this reason I am passionate about the power of music and song to enrich and enhance our lives.

When I was younger I sang in a number of choirs, including performing at the Royal Festival Hall in London as part of a Quaker project called "The Gates of Greenham" - an oratorio around the then active peace camps at Greenham Common.

However, like so many people, due to a few unpleasant experiences, I lost confidence in my voice and didn't sing, except in the bath, for 20 years.

Meanwhile, as a Birmingham University Graduate, I went on to train as a teacher and taught as a primary class room teacher in Birmingham, Dorset, Worcester and London. I moved to Hastings in 2003 to support children, young people and their families through barriers to education.

About 5 years ago I rediscovered my voice during a community project based in Rye. "Class and Corruption" was a specially commissioned new musical for professional singers combined with a community choir. This led me to looking for a singing teacher and, having discovered the fabulous Sandra Scott, I finally re-connected to my voice and began my vocal journey.